Most Expensive Copy of Mario Bros Ever Sold

May 8, 2021 | Games

Thirteen bids and $660,000 later, the most expensive copy of the original Super Mario Bros game has been sold, wow!

So how does this happen? The seller received the game as a Christmas gift back in 1986. It then got left in a desk draw unopened and in hiding for the next 35 years. It has probably turned out to be one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever. The seller who asked to remain anonymous pocketed $550,000 of the $660,000.

It was a near-perfect copy of the earliest shrink wrap versions released in the United States of America. There were later 11 different boxed variants that could be bought around the world.

Maybe you should go and check your desk draws for forgotten gifts from the last few decades, who knows what you may find?!

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