How much is Pokémon Yellow worth?

Mar 20, 2021 | Games

Price Guide

Release Price: £39.99
Boxed Price: £40-60
Unboxed Price: £14-20
Mint: £20,000

Pokémon Yellow Box Art

Ash & Pikachu Enamel Pin

Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming market and it all started with the first video games released for the Game Boy. Pokémon Red and Blue were the initial releases with Pokémon Yellow being released a little bit later in 1999 in the US and 2000 for Europeans. The version of the Pokémon games went on to sell 14.64 million copies.

Pokémon Yellow is very much the same game as Pokémon Red and Blue, the main difference being that your first Pokémon is Pikachu rather than getting the choice of the three starter Pokémon from Professor Oak.


Pokémon Pink

Pokémon PinkIn April 2020, the source code for Pokémon Yellow got leaked and fans made a discovery. Buried in those lines of code was a reference to a ‘Pink’ build that was never released. This sparked rumours that there would have been an alternative release alongside Yellow. Due to the colour, many fans have logically suggested the starting Pokémon would likely have been Jigglypuff or Clefairy.


How Much is Pokemon Yellow Worth?

Whenever anybody picks up this game the first thing that comes into their head is “I wonder how much is Pokemon Yellow worth?”, expecting their copy to make them a small fortune. In some cases, it may just do that. Like all games in the retro gaming market, it completely depends on the condition of the game you are buying. If you just want a loose cart to enjoy playing to pick them up on eBay fairly cheap as they go for anything between £14 and £20. However, if you like your games complete with box and manual in a fairly decent condition then expect to pay between £40 and £60. If you are really serious about your collection and want a mint fresh new, sealed and highly graded edition of Pokémon Yellow then you can regularly pick those up for around £20,000 on eBay.