How much is a Game Boy worth?

Aug 29, 2020 | Games

So how much is a Game Boy worth?

Typically in the UK market currently you can expect to pay around £20 – 60. 

While the retro game market is getting more and more interest the Game Boy is becoming ever more popular once again among collectors and the younger generations re-discovering the lost gems of the gaming world. With several models belonging to the Nintendo Game Boy family we go through the prices and find out just how much is a Game Boy worth.

How much is an original Game Boy worth

Game Boy Original Value

The original Game Boys (DMG-01) sell pretty easily. Even if you have broken one they will still sell for £20-30 on eBay as spairs/repair units. These are the original retro toy in many peoples eyes.

Unboxed: £40-50 | Boxed: £75-100

How much is a Game Boy Pocket worth

Game Boy Pocket Value

The Game Boy Pocket is a common handheld to come across on auction sites and loose they can be found pretty cheaply. However, if you have one pocket in good condition then these can be sold for upwards of £40.

Unboxed: £20-40 | Boxed: £40-90

How much is a Game Boy Color worth

Game Boy Color Value

Like the Pocket, the Game Boy Color is a very common unit. There are some special cases, around this time Nintendo started releasing special edition units. There are some of these special edition units that can go for upwards of £40-50 and even more if they are boxed in good condition.

Unboxed: £25-35 | Boxed: £40-70

How much is a Game Boy Advance worth

Game Boy Advance Value

The Game Boy Advance was the first horizontal Game Boy and again, these can be found at very low prices. Much like the Color though Nintendo released a lot of different colour versions of this console along with several special editions. If you get your hands on the right ones and boxed then they can be sold for well over the price points below.

Unboxed: £25-35 | Boxed: £40-65

How much is a Game Boy Advance SP worth

Game Boy Advance SP Value

Nintendo’s first flip console. The Game Boy SP again has multiple special editions, as Nintendo now does as standard. Collect the special edition versions in good condition with their boxes and the prices are closer to £100.

Unboxed: £30-60 | Boxed: £40-80

How much is a Game Boy Micro worth

Game Boy Micro Value

The Game Boy Micro was the last Game Boy to be released and it wasn’t as successful as it’s predessors. These were relatively cheap a few years ago, but now due to the relatively low numbers sold these little units are becoming very desirable. This is the only Game Boy that also has interchangable face plates. Get a rarer colour micro boxed in excellent condition and the prices can shoot up as high as £250-300.

Unboxed: £50-100 | Boxed: £120-180

Relative Rarity

  • Game Boy Original 85% 85%
  • Game Boy Pocket 65% 65%
  • Game Boy Color 65% 65%
  • Game Boy Advance 50% 50%
  • Game Boy Advance SP 60% 60%
  • Game Boy Micro 100% 100%

The above guide is just a rough visual to which of the Game Boy family is more sought after based on the current prices that can be found on eBay. These are likely to change in the future as different units become more sought after. At the minute the Game Boy Micro is probably the most desirable unit especially if it boxed and in good condition.